8x8 Dot Matrix RGB LED Module

8x8 Dot Matrix RGB LED Module
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Tags: LED Matrix, 8x8 Display, RPI LED, Raspberry Pi LED, RPI Matrix LED, 74HC595, Dot Matrix

RGB Dot Matrix LED Module [8x8] is an 8x8 matrix of triple-color LED board which is based on 74HC595 8bit shift register chip. This chip is easy to use and low-cost solution to raise the number of digital out pins on Arduino. By using multiplexing technique, this chip can drive up to 16 LED, just with three pins to interface with the Arduino board, Raspberry Pi, and STM32 or STC89C periodic development board.
This LED module is built from 64 red, 64 green, and 64 blue LED, which is placed in 8 rows of 8 RGB set of LED, to make a colorful dot and matrix. Each dot of the matrix consist of one red LED, one green LED, and one blue LED which is housed to become a colorful displaying pixel. These LEDs are individual with just a common anode. This module is driven and control by an Arduino board or microcontroller, via SPI serial data protocol interface.
This display module can be used to have interesting hobbies, such as musical background, music spectrum analyzer, and so on.

Based on the 74HC595 chip support
Support SPI protocol
Low power consumption
RGB three-color combination can be a lot of bright colors
Input Voltage: 5V
Pin Number: 5 Pin

Package Include:
1 x RPI-RGB-LED-Matrix
1 x Connection cable

Display Properties
Screen Size 8x8
Interface Type SPI
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 5V
Board Parameters
Main Chip 74HC595
Pin Count 5 Pin

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