8858 Portable Hot Air Blower Solder Station (650W)

8858 Portable Hot Air Blower Solder Station (650W)
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Yihua 8858 Portable Hot Air Blower Solder Station (650W) is a 650 watts comfortable heat gun with a digital LED, to produce hot air blower for miniature and accurate soldering. This portable soldering tool is quickly warm up and used for soldering and de-soldering (unsoldering) high temperature sensitive components and integrated chips with large surface areas and multiple miniature pins such as SMD component, QFP, PLCC, BGA. The temperature of the output air can be controlled with a microcontroller, through the control keypad. Its output hot air can be configured through the three detachable nozzle size (small, medium, and big). The 8858 set has automatic rotational above 70 Celcius degree. Its nozzles and cylindrical outlet of the handle are made of stainless steel material which is an anti-oxidation material even in high temperatures. It is made of high-quality silicon body, too, to reduce power dissipation and exhaustion, so It is a reliable tool with high stability, long service life span, impact resistance, dropping resistance, and low vibration. This soldering tool has a smooth, uniform and massive hot airflow.

Hot Air gun Application:

  1. De-soldering
  2. soldering
  3. reworking

Hot Air Gun Features:

  1. Power: 650W
  2. Gun temperature range: 100-480°C
  3. Gun type: Brushless Fan
  4. Gun heater material: Ferro-Alloys
  5. Gun heater resistance: 74Ω
  6. Airflow: 120L/min


  1. 220V 650w Hot Air blower description Link
Electrical Parameters
Resistance 74 Ohm
Power 650W
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature 100°C - 480°C

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