10 PCS 2S 7A Lithium Battery Protection Module

10 PCS 2S 7A Lithium Battery Protection Module
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2Cell String Lithium Battery Protection is a lithium battery protection board, which is based on HY2120 2-Cell Lithium-ion/Lithium Polymer Battery Packs Protection chip. This chip is designed to protect two cells of rechargeable battery charging and also to detect high-accuracy voltage and delay circuits. The HY2120 chip series can be utilized for protecting the lithium-ion and lithium-polymer battery packs against overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, and overcurrent conditions.
This circular battery protection board has MOS transistor to control the battery charge and discharge status, and also has an internal three-step over-current sensing circuit to safe wide various types of 3.7V  lithium-Ion batteries. The HX-2S-A2 module can accurately detect the battery voltage to control it. This module is a small, high performance, and low cost, that makes it a good solution for a wide range of battery protection requirement.

HX-2S-A2 battery protetion board application:

  1. 18650 batteries
  2. hand drill battery pack
  3. electric fish machine battery pack
  4. electric bicycle battery pack
  5. children\’s car battery
  6. 775 (4A)motor

HX-2S-A2 Module Features:

  1. Model: HX-2S-A2
  2. Overcharge voltage range: 4.25-4.35v ± 0.05v
  3. Overpressure voltage range: 2.5-3.0v ± 0.05v
  4. Charging voltage: 8.4V-9V
  5. Upper limit operating current: 5A
  6. Upper limit instantaneous current: 7A
  7. Operating temperature: -40 — +50 ℃
  8. Storage conditions: -40– +80 ℃
  9. Quiescent current: less than 10u
  10. Internal resistance: less than 300mΩ
  11. Size: 17.5 x 17.5 x 3.2mm

Heating the battery during the charge function means the battery is not applicable, please don’t keep using because the battery will be damaged soon.

Package Include:
10 x 2S 7A Lithium Battery Protection Module

Charger Features
Charging voltage 8.4V-9V
Electrical Parameters
Charge Current 5A (Maximum)
Over current 7A
Physical Parameters
Size 17.5 x 17.5 x 3.2mm
Weight 5g
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40 ℃ ~ +50 ℃

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