Manual Zoom CCTV Lens [6mm-60mm]

Manual Zoom CCTV Lens [6mm-60mm]
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Computer CCTV Lenses provide over 200 state-of-the-art lens products giving you the flexibility needed to get the precise angle of view for every application.
The CCTV lens is a piece of glass (or plastic) to focus the light from the outside world onto the camera's imaging sensor. This lens only includes a focus-ring adjustable mechanism part of the barrel body, which makes you turn until your image is as clear as possible.
Computer lenses are employed extensively in high-security applications such as airports, banks, government buildings, and commercial industries.
Every lens has an ‘F-stop’ number describing its maximum capability. For instance, F1.0 can pass four times as much light than an F2.0 lens. Half the F-number, quadruple the light!
Smaller F-numbers are better, which is particularly important for low-light CCTV performance. Wide-angle lenses commonly range from F0.8 to F1.8 while zoom lenses often range from F3.5 upwards, which means much less light gets into the camera.
The field-of-view (FoV) your lens provides is fundamental to your meeting the Operational Requirement. The focal length of any lens is measured in millimeters (mm). The shorter the focal length, the wider the view. Megapixel cameras may have 1-inch format sensors meaning that large professional photographic lenses are used.
Fixed focal length lenses, known as ‘prime’, have no FoV adjustment but can perform very well owing to their simplicity.

Focus Type: Variable Focus
Focal Length:  6mm ~ 60mm
Aperture: ( F ) 1 : 1.6
Size: 1/3"
FOV: 44°
Min Object Distance: 30cm
Size: 37mm x 68.7mm x 34mm

Package Include:
1 x Manual IRIS ZOOM 6-60mm CCTV Lens

Physical Parameters
Size 37mm x 68.7mm x 34mm
Camera Features
Field Angle 44°
Focal Length 6mm ~ 60mm
Focus Type Variable Focus
Lens Size 1/3 inch

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