12V DC Metal Gear Motor with Plastic Wheel

12V DC Metal Gear Motor with Plastic Wheel
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This electric motor is a 66 RPM DC motor with a metal gear and a plastic wheel, suitable for your robotic projects and DIY robots or FPV. DC motors are the most common type of motors used in robotics. DC motors have various shapes and sizes. They are categorized into 9 types: permanent magnet iron core, permanent magnet iron less rotor, permanent magnet brushless, wound field series connected, wound field shunt connected, wound field compound connected, variable reluctance stepper, permanent magnet stepper, and hybrid stepper motors. 
DC motors usually have a high speed and consequently low torque. For using them in most applications such as robotic applications, these aspects should be improved. Therefore, gearboxes are made for this purpose. By connecting the shaft of a DC motor to a geartrain, the output rotation will be slower, but the output torque that the motor delivers will be significantly higher. DC motors that assembled with gear box are called as Gearhead DC motors, and they are most suitable motors for building many hobby robots.

Rated Voltage: DC12V
No-load current: 220mA
No-load speed: 66 RPM
Voltage Range: 9V~15V (49 - 82 rev / min)
Size: 83mm x 36.5mm

Package Include:
1 x Gear Motor with Tire

Motor Specifications
No Load Current 220mA
No-Load Speed 66 rpm
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 9 ~ 15 V-DC
Voltage DC12V
Physical Parameters
Size 83mm x 36.5mm
Weight 180g

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