20 PCS 5V 1A USB Wall Charger [Euro Ver]

20 PCS 5V 1A USB Wall Charger [Euro Ver]
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This Single Port 5V 1A USB wall charger complies with the European standards. In many cases, people who plan on using their charger at home will want a different type of USB charger than someone who’s traveling. Finding the right charger is mostly a balance of portability, capacity, and general quality. Fortunately, that makes it easy to narrow down your selection. When it comes to build quality, the things to be most concerned about are moving parts and safety standards. Avoiding cheap copied charger is often a good idea because they often don’t follow the safety standards laid out by developed nations. With the right protections, even if a power surge happens, your devices will be protected.

Input voltage: 100V-240V
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: 1A
Suitable for DVS, Cell Phones, Tablets, MP3 Players, PDA, etc.
Color: White
Size: 48mm x 34mm x 14mm

Package Include:
20 x European USB Charger

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 100-240V
Output Current 1A
Output Voltage 5V
Physical Parameters
Size 48mm x 34mm x 14mm
Weight 16g

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