100 PCS Straw Hat Red LED (transparent Red LED) [5mm]

100 PCS Straw Hat Red LED (transparent Red LED) [5mm]
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Tags: Red LED, 5mm LED, Dip LED, Straw Hat LED, Transparent LED

This is a pack of 100 pieces of the 5mm F5 transparent straw hat ultra-bright LED, which emits red light at a wavelength of 620-625 nanometer. LEDs can be categorized with some criteria such as technology (SMD-SMT-COB), color (mono -bi-tri-multi), power (low -high), size (3mm, 5mm, 8mm or small-miniature), and shape (elbonian hat - concave hat-straw hat-cubic-and so on).
The straw hat LED is a shape of LEDs that is shorter, flatter, and sometimes wider than the common (elbonian hat) LEDs. In this shape, this LED gets the main advantage, which is a wide emitting angle. The Straw hat LED can emit its light with a wide angle, so it can eliminate a larger space than the other equivalent (equal power) LEDs. The typical LED can emit at a tight degree under 100 degrees, but a straw hat can emit at a 120 to 160 (close full range) degree. Beside wide angle emitting, it features low price and high brightness and is easy to install and use. It can be used in many custom projects such as car lighting, models, mass production of the products and so on. Also, it can be used for DIY projects and repairing equipment and electrical appliances.

Color: Red
Wavelength: 620nm ~ 625nm
Brightness: 1200MCD ~ 1400MCD 
Voltage: 2.0V ~ 2.2V 
Current: 20mA
Length: 23mm
Lenz Diameter: 5mm (F5 straw hat)

Package Include:
100 x Straw hat 5mm Red LED

Electrical Parameters
Voltage 2.0V ~ 2.2V 
Current 20mA
LED Parameters
Brightness 1200MCD ~ 1400MCD
Color Red
LED Size 5mm x 23mm
LED Type Dip Straw Hat LED
Wavelength 620nm ~ 625nm

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