4 Pin 5mm RGB LED 1000 pcs

4 Pin 5mm RGB LED 1000 pcs
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Description :

5mm RGB LED 1000 pcs package includes 1000 pieces of the 5mm F5 transparent round head, high light LED, which emits three main color light. LEDs can be categorized with some criteria such as technology (SMD-SMT-COB), color (mono -bi-tri-multi), power (low -high), size (3mm, 5mm, 8mm or small-miniature), and shape (elbonian hat - concave hat-straw hat-cubic-and so on).

This RGB LED is a shape of LEDs that is an F5 5mm round head with a transparent head. This RGB LED emits light in a uniform manner and consumes very little power, which results in long life and reliability. It has 4 pins, three specific pins for anodic of each color of red, green, and blue, and one common cathodic pin, which is longer than others. In facts, this LED is a combination of three 2 pins main colors LED (one red color LED, one green LED, and one blue color led) in one package with one common pin.

4 pin RGB LED Application:

  1. Status indicators
  2. Commercial use
  3. Advertising signs
  4. Back lighting

4 pin RGB LED Features:

  1. Size: 5 mm
  2. Light Color: RGB Red/Blue/Green
  3. LED type: Round dip led
  4. Voltage: 3 V
  5. Current: 20 mA
  6. Lens Color: Clear
  7. Colors :
  8. R: Wavelength(nm): 626, Luminous intensity(mcd): 1800 ~ 3000, Forward voltage(v): 2.0 ~ 2.8V;
  9. G: Wavelength(nm): 525, Luminous intensity(mcd): 3500 ~ 6000, Forward voltage(v): 3.5 ~ 4.0V;
  10. B: Wavelength(nm): 470, Luminous intensity(mcd): 1300 ~ 2500, Forward voltage(v): 3.5 ~ 4.2V;


  1. 5mm rgb led datasheet Link
  2. 5mm rgb led common cathode Link

LED Parameters
LED Size 5mm
LED Type Round dip led
Physical Parameters
Weight 1g

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