1000 PCS 5mm 940nm IR Receiver

1000 PCS 5mm 940nm IR Receiver
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An IR receiver LED is a device that detects infrared signals from remote controls and other IR sources. It is typically a small, clear, or translucent device that is sensitive to IR light in a specific frequency range.
These 5mm infrared diode emitting LEDs operate at 940nm and used for creating IR remote control or IR obstacle and intrusion sensors.
Infrared is the light spectrum up around 940 nm that is commonly used for IR remotes and is outside the visible spectrum for the human eye.
The LED has a forward voltage drop of 1.2 to 1.4V. If driving it off a 5V MCU, a resistor value of 120 ohms will limit the current to a level of about 30mA. 

940nm IR LED Application:

  1. TV remotes
  2. AC remotes
  3. robotics
  4. industrial devices

940nm IR LED Features:

  1. Emitted Color: Infrared
  2. Size: 5mm
  3. Lens Color: Black
  4. Voltage (V): 1.2-1.4V
  5. Wavelength (nm): 940nm


  1. 5mm 940nm IR Receiver Link
Laser Features
wavelength 940nm
Electrical Parameters
Voltage DC 1.2-1.4V
Physical Parameters
Size 5mm

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