YZC-161B Weighing Load Cell Sensor [5V] [5Kg]

YZC-161B Weighing Load Cell Sensor [5V] [5Kg]
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Tags: 5Kg Load Cell, Weighing Sensor, Analog Sensor, Analog Pressure Sensor

YZC-161B Weighing Load Cell Sensor [5V] [5Kg] is a sensor to detect and measure the weight of the human baby and so on. The load cell sensor is a transducer that creates a differential electric potential proportional to a force, while it is exposing the force of weight. The load cells are in 3 types of hydraulic, pneumatic, and strain gauge. This sensor is a strain gauge type with a half bridge structure, which makes a voltage signal while the half bridge is strained by a force. and a half bridge load cell with three terminal wire, which is one common, one for supplies, and one for sending the voltage proportional weight. It can be used for building a weight scale. It is better to apply 4 (or 5) of this load cell in for corner (four corners and center) simultaneously in one scale to increase the capacity of weight measuring up to 4x5 (5x5) kilogram.
This load cell is a small, low power and low-cost sensor, that can be used for building electronic weighing devices such as hopper scales, platform scales, platform balance, belt scales, and so on.

Model: YZC-161B
Output Type: Analog
Recommended Input Voltage: 5V
Maximum Input Voltage: 8V
Rated load: 5Kg
Rated output: 1.0 ±0.1mV/V
Nonlinearity: 0.08 %F.S
Hysteresis: 0.1 %F.S
Repeatability: 0.05 %F.S
Temperature Effect On Output: 0.02 %F.S /°C
Temperature Effect On Zero: 0.02 %F.S /°C
Zero balance: ±0.1000 mV/V
Input impedance: 1000±20% Ω
Output impedance: 1000±10% Ω
Insulation resistance: 2000 MΩ
Safe Overload: 120 %F.S
Ultimate Overload: 150 %F.S
Level of protection: IP65
Wiring: Red, Black, White
Material: Alloy Steel
Temperature: -20°C ~ +65°C
Size: 26mm x 26mm x 10mm

Package Include:
1 x Load Cell Sensor

Sensor Parameters
Measuring range 5Kg
Output Type Analog
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 8V (Max)
Input Voltage (recommended) 5V
Input Impedance 1000±20% Ω
Output Impedance 1000±10% Ω
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +65°C
Size 26mm x 26mm x 10mm
Material Alloy Steel

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