30 PCS 1 Channel Relay Module [5V] [10A]

30 PCS 1 Channel Relay Module [5V] [10A]
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Tags: Low Level Relay, 5V Relay, 10A Relay, 1 Channel Relay

1. The control area and the load area have isolation slots;
2. With power and relay action indication, the light is bright and the light is off;
3. When there is a signal at the signal input end, the common end and the normally open end will be turned on;
4, can be used as a microcontroller development board module, can be used as home appliance control;
5, control DC or AC signal, you can control 220V AC load;
6, there is a normally open and a normally closed contact;
7. The blue KF301 terminal is more convenient to connect to the control line.

Trigger Level : LOW
Channel : 1
Relay Voltage : DC 5V
Size: 43x17x17mm

Package Include:
30 x  1 Way Relay Module
Electrical Parameters
Channels 1
Trigger Type Low
Voltage DC 5V
Physical Parameters
Size 53mm x 18mm x 18.5mm

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