100 PCS 3296W 5K Adjustable Resistor

100 PCS 3296W 5K Adjustable Resistor
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Tags: Multi Turn, Adjustable Resistor, Multi Turn Potentiometer, Potentiometer, Variable Resistor, Trimmer Resistor

100 PCS 3296W 5K Adjustable Resistor Multiturn package contains 100 pieces of 5Kohm multiturn potentiometer, that is sealed by industrial cermet material and chevron seal. The 3296 potentiometer series also known as Square Trimpot® Trimming Potentiometer or multiturn Potentiometer trimmer is one of the most usually multi-turn potentiometers for achieving to an adjusting resistor. The multiturn potentiometer 3296 series includes the Baoter 3296, Bochen 3296, Bourns 3296W Potentiometer, etc. in the range of  50 ohms up to 2 megaohms. Their resistance can be adjusted through the rotation screw on the resistor body. The 3296 adjusting screw can be rotated forever, but after passing the maximum or minimum resistance, the resistor contacts do not follow the screw. This series can tolerate 0.5w electricity power at maximum 300 volts and 70°C and temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.
Such trimming potentiometer is named as 3296 W - 1 - 103 __ LF, that 
3296 indicates model no. or series
W indicates their style W means that  3 in-line pins in the bottom and adjusting screw is on the top of the trimmer, X as W but the screw is on the narrow side, and P like W but 3 pins is on the wide side with a triangular layout
103 indicates the quantity of the potentiometer resistance code such as 103 that means 10K
LF indicates the material of their pins, such as LF that means 100 % Tin-plated (RoHS compliant) or  Blank that means 90 % Tin / 10 % Lead-plated (Standard)
This multiturn potentiometer is named as 3296W-1-502_LF that means this multiturn is an adjustable 5K ohms resistor with adjusting screw on the top of the multiturn and 3 100 % Tin-plated (RoHS compliant) 2.54mm pitch pins.

Features :
Part No: 3296W
Resistance Range: 0 ohms to 5K ohms
Pins: 3-pin design. 
connections: solder pin
Package Include :
100 x  5K Multi-Turn
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature 0.5W

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