57HSE2 Stepper Motor With HBS57 Driver Module [16V-70V] [4A]

57HSE2 Stepper Motor With HBS57 Driver Module [16V-70V] [4A]
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57HSE2 Stepper Motor With HBS57 Driver Module is a set of one auto-locking stepper motor 57HSE2 model and its two-phase hybrid stepper 57HSE2 model and of course their interface which is a twisted pair shielded towline as the authentic motor encoder cable that is resistance to break, shock, cold and heat damages.
The general stepper motor, can't self-locking while turning off, so to get this feature, a brake part must be mounted at the end of the stepper motor to make a device step, and it must be connected in parallel to the circuit. When the power is on, the brake part must be turned on, the brake part is detached from the stepper shaft, so the motor operates normally. When the power is turned off, the brake is turned off too, then immediately the latching part acts and hold tightly the shaft driving. The stepper motor powering off must be simultaneous with the activating of the brake attaching, which acts as an embarrassing crankshaft, and the stepper engine can still keep in the locked state when the stepper motor is off.
The HBS stepper motor driver series has a high performance and high reliability and high value. They have a built in encoder using to enclose the position, velocity and current loops, completely similar servo systems. The HBS57 driver module is a two-phase hybrid stepper motor servo driver, based on new 32-bit DSP control technology and vector closed-loop control technology. This new technology allows reserving of movement synchronization and attenuating the speed torque so much lower than the typical open-loop driver, thus it can fully growth high-speed performance and improve motor output torque and speed, reducing the ascent rate of motor temperature, which is resulting in prolonging motor service and facilitating the position and alarm output signal for PC monitoring and controlling.

57HSE2 Stepper Motor With HBS57 Driver Application:

  1. dispenser
  2. woodworking machine
  3. welding machine
  4. screw machine
  5. zipper machine
  6. winding machine
  7. placement machine
  8. packaging machine
  9. engraving machine
  10. laser machine
  11. LED electronic equipment

Nema23 stepper motor Features:

  1. Model: 57HSE2
  2. Frame Size: NEMA 23
  3. Torque: 3Nm
  4. Rated Speed: 1000rpm
  5. Maximum Speed: 2000rpm
  6. Driver Features:
    Model: HBS57
    Operating Voltage: 16V ~ 70V
    Current: 4A
  7. Motor Leads:
    A+: red
    A-: green
    B+: yellow
    B-: blue
  8. Encoder Leads:
    EB+: yellow
    EB-: green
    EA+: black
    EA-: blue
    VCC: red
    GND: white

57HSE2.2N stepper motor HBS57 closed loop Items:

  1. 1 x 57HSE2 Stepper Motor
  2. 1 x HBS57
  3. 1 x Coding Line


  1. hbs57 motor driver module link

Motor Specifications
Motor Size NEMA 23 (Frame Size)
RPM 1000rpm (2000rpm Max)
Torque 3N.m
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 16V ~ 70V (Driver)
Current 4A (Driver)

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