10 PCS WH148 Double Analog Potentiometer [50Kohm]

10 PCS WH148 Double Analog Potentiometer [50Kohm]
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Tags: Adjustable Resistor, Variable Resistor, Analog Potentiometer, Analog Sensor, Potentiometer, 50K Potentiometer, Mutiturn

This 50 kOhm potentiometer is great for controlling the behavior of the electrical circuits such as the volume on audio equipment. It features a miniature design that fits perfectly most of the audio applications. 
The double potentiometer has 6 pins and includes 2 connected potentiometer. By turning a variable screw, both values of the potentiometer will be changed. The most application is in audio amplifiers.

Model: WH148
Material: Carbon film Metal
Resistance: 50KΩ
Port: Analog
Tolerance: +/-10%
Turn Number: Dual Turn
Pin Number: 6 Pins
Features: Round Shaft
Total Size: 26mm x 17mm

Package Include:
10 x WH148 Double Potentiometer 50K

Component Features
Pin Number 6 Pins
Electrical Parameters
Resistance 50KΩ
Tolerance +/-10%
Physical Parameters
Size 26mm x 17mm

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