2 PCS NT ZJ-18 Soldering Paste Flux [50g]

2 PCS NT ZJ-18 Soldering Paste Flux [50g]
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Solder Paste Flux serves a threefold purpose: Removing any oxidized metal from the surfaces to be soldered, Sealing out air preventing further oxidation, Improving wetting characteristics of liquid solder by facilitating amalgamation.
While the main use of solder paste flux is in the creation of solder paste, it is also sold directly as a gel or tacky flux. 
Solder paste flux can also act as a temporary adhesive. Its tacky nature holds components together until the heat of the soldering process melts the solder and the parts are fused together. Solder paste flux gel can be brushed on where needed and, unlike liquid flux, will not flow away from the application area. 
This means that, when used directly as a soldering aid, a small amount of solder paste flux can be used in place of a relatively large amount of liquid flux. Common uses of flux gel include BGA re-balling and the rework/repair of solder joints.
A number of standards exist to define the various flux types. The principal standard is J-STD-004, which categorizes fluxes by composition, activity (strength), the presence or lack of halide activators, and reliability from electromigration standpoint and surface insulation resistance (SIR). The J-STD-004 standard for electromigration and surface insulation resistance is > 100 MΩ after one week at elevated temperature and humidity with a DC bias applied.

Model: ZJ-18
PH Level: 7
Melting Point: 120°C
Suitable for Through-Hole Components
Suitable for SMD Components
Suitable for Wire/Cable Tining

Package Include:
2 x NT ZJ-18 Soldering Flux Paste [50g]

Physical Parameters
Weight 50g

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