8S005 Soldering Paste Flux [50g]

8S005 Soldering Paste Flux [50g]
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Proskit 8S005 Soldering Paste Flux [50g] is a tin cream small can, that is acid-free and lead-free suitable for gold-copper alloy substrates soldering function. Solder paste is an adhesive cream or semi-liquid material which is mixed with powder lead or tin soldering materials. This high-density mixture is named solder paste or flux. The flux is developed to act as an impermanent adhesive via doing these three  functions:
Clean the copper of the PCB, component leads, iron head, and so on.
Facilitate smoothly flowing the melted solder
Facilitate adhering the solder to the copper and component lead.
The ingredient material of the Solder past varies and depends on the intended tool and material of soldering such as lead-free, etc. Also, the size of soldering particles (power size) is different and be categorized as type 1, type 2, and so on. Solder pastes can widely be used for mobile phone chips production and repairment, computer or household appliances production and repairment   
The 8S005  solder paste features semi-solid, high quality,  easy to solder, acid-free, non-corrosion, and lead-free flux, which is made of SN powder and PB powder in flux. This solder flux is a highly necessary and recommended tool for maintenance engineers to solder or tin. 

Brand: Pro'sKit
Model.: 8S005
Weight: 50g
Usage: For soldering or tinning

Package Include:
1 x Pro'skit 8S005 50g Solder Paste Flux

Physical Parameters
Weight 50g

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