10 PCS 5050 RGB LED Module

10 PCS 5050 RGB LED Module
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RGB LED modules can emit various colors of light. They are manufactured by packaging three LEDs of red, green, and blue into a transparent shell and have four pins. The three primary colors, red, green, and blue, can be mixed and compose all kinds of colors by brightness, so you can make an RGB LED emit colorful light by controlling the circuit.
5050 RGB LED Module is ideally suited to adding a slightly different light display to your project. This module lets you control an ultra bright RGB LED to display your information in a bold and bright way, taking your project to new light levels.

Each colour of the LED is individually controlled to provide red, blue, green and any combination of them. The module is designed for use with real time microcontrollers as such is suitable for use with microcontrollers such as the Arduino.
This module has 4 pins, a GND, and 3 led color pins. 

5050 RGB LED Application:

  1. office
  2. robotics
  3. toys
  4. IOT
  5. Lighting
  6. decoration

5050 RGB LED moduleFeatures:

  1. Voltage: 3V ~ 5V
  2. Pin Number: 4 Pins
  3. Size: 10mm x 13mm


  1. 5050 RGB LED datasheet Link
  2. 5050 RGB LED module with arduino Link

Package Include:
10 x CJMCU-553 Luminous Diode RGB 0505 LED Module

Electrical Parameters
Voltage 3V ~ 5V
LED Parameters
LED Size 5050 (5mm x 5mm)
Board Parameters
Pin Count 4 Pins
Physical Parameters
Size 10mm x 13mm

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