5 PCS 3D printer 5015 12V Extruder Cooling Fan

5 PCS 3D printer 5015 12V Extruder Cooling Fan
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5 PCS 3D printer 12V Hotend Extruder Blower Cooling Fan [50mm x 50mm x 15mm] package contains 5 pieces fo electrical small double ball blower, which is used for colling the Makerbot extruder of the 3dD printers and CNC machines. The 5015 blowers are supplied with 12V DC, 0.23A current and specialized for hot-end of the MK series of the extruder.
The extruder is the base of the printing process. The solid plastic of the printing material known as filament gets into the extruder, melted due to high temperature and get out and get out according to programmed command. This acts as a programmed fancy hot glue gun. The extruder has two main parts of the hot-end and cold-end, together (Direct extruder) or separated (Bowden extruder). 
The cold-end base is a step motor to pull inward the filament in the extruder and push it outward. The hot-end should be hot enough to melt the filament and spout on the bed. 
Hot-end heatsink known as heat brack is made of a low thermal conductivity material, to prevent conducting heat from the hot end toward the cold end. Also, a cooling fan is used behind the printer head that spins after passing the nozzle temperature from 40 ºC, to prevent reaching the heat upwards cold-end, otherwise, the filament above the heater block may be softened and results in extrusion issues and reduction of print quality.

Size: 50mm x 50mm x 15mm
Type: Double Ball
Voltage: DC12V
Current: 0.23A
Plug-in: XH2.54-2PIN

Package includes:
5 x Extruder Cooling blower

Electrical Parameters
Voltage 12V
Current 0.23A
Physical Parameters
Size 50mm x 50mm x 15mm
Weight 25g
Material Plastic
Ports And Jumpers
Power XH2.54-2PIN

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