10 PCS NE555 Pulse Generator Module [4Hz-1.3KHz]

10 PCS NE555 Pulse Generator Module [4Hz-1.3KHz]
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Tags: NE555, Clock Generator, Square Wave Generator, Adjustable Signal Generator, Pulse Generator, Wave Generator

This is a pulse generator module based on the ubiquitous NE555 timer IC and it as an adjustable pulse generator module with the NE555 chip. The output of the module is a square wave with a duty cycle of 50%.
The module can be powered from a wide power supply range (4.5 to 12V) and will produce a continuous square wave output between 4Hz to 1.3KHz which can be set by an on-board multi-turn potentiometer. NE555 generator is a useful module for applications where an approximate frequency clock source is required such as for stepper motor step generation tone generation, etc.
The NE555 timer is a popular and easy to use for general-purpose timing applications from 10 µs to hours or from
< 1mHz to 100 kHz. In the time-delay or mono-stable mode of operation, the timed interval is controlled by a single external resistor and capacitor network. In the a-stable mode of operation, the frequency and duty cycle can be controlled independently with two external resistors and a single external capacitor. 
The maximum output sink and discharge sink current is greater for higher VCC and less for lower VCC.
NE555 is a precision timing circuit capable of producing accurate time delays or oscillation. 
In the time-delay or mono-stable mode of operation, the timed interval is controlled by a single external resistor and capacitor network. In the a-stable mode of operation, the frequency and duty cycle can be controlled independently with two external resistors and a single external capacitor. 
The threshold and trigger levels normally are two-thirds and one-third, respectively, of Vcc. These levels can be altered by the use of the control voltage terminal. 
When the trigger input falls below the trigger level, the flip-flop is set, and the output goes high. 
If the trigger input is above the trigger level and the threshold input is above the threshold level, the flip-flop is reset and the output is low. 
The reset (RESET) input can override all other inputs and can be used to initiate a new timing cycle. 
When RESET goes low, the flip-flop is reset, and the output goes low. 
When the output is low, a low-impedance path is provided between discharge (DISCH) and ground. Operation is specified for supplies of 5 V to 12 V. Output levels are compatible with TTL inputs. 

Main Chip: NE555
Input Voltage: 5V ~ 12V DC
Output Voltage: 4.2Vpp ~ 11.4Vpp
Output Current : 15mA (at 5V), 35mA (at 12V)
Duty Cycle: 50%
Operating frequency: 3.7Hz (Min) ~ 98% 1.3KHz (Max)
Color: Blue
Pin Number: 3 Pins
Size: 31mm x 22mm x 3mm

Package Include:
10 x NE555 Frequency Adjustable Pulse Generator

Electrical Parameters
Frequency 4Hz ~ 1.3KHz
Input Voltage 5V ~ 12V DC
Output Current 15mA (at 5V), 35mA (at 12V)
Output Voltage 4.2Vpp ~ 11.4Vpp
Board Parameters
Main Chip NE555
Pin Count 3 Pins
Physical Parameters
Size 31mm x 22mm x 3mm

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