5 PCS RF Wireless Receiver Module [433MHz]

5 PCS RF Wireless Receiver Module [433MHz]
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Tags: Wireless Receiver, Radio Receiver, 433MHz Receiver, Regenerative Receiver

RF Wireless Receiver Module is a 433MHz super-regenerative RF receiver which modulates in FSK modulation mode. This module is adopted with an LC oscillating circuit, which contains amplification and shaping and TTL level output data signal, so can be directly applied to the decoder. It's very user-friendly and economical. The receiver is a ±10MHz wide bandwidth and  can usually be adjusted  to 315MHz or 433.92MHZ  frequency at the factory (the frequency adjustment range is 266MHz~433MHz), but now, this receiver sets on 433MHz frequency.
It can be used with an antenna, for this purpose you can connect  a 1/4 wavelength antenna, which in this frequency is a 180mm wire, in single-core shape. The antenna position is also important for better receiving, which is better far from the shield, high voltage, and the other source of interference.
The RF receiver modules are widely used for data receiving and signal controlling. The receiver is widely used in remote control garage,  remote control switch, remote control socket, remote control LED, remote control audio, remote control electric door, remote control garage door, remote control retractable door, remote control shutter, pan Door, remote control door opener, remote control curtains, alarm host, remote control motorcycle, remote control electric car, remote control MP3, remote control lights, remote control car, roller curtain, door locks, alarm system, industrial control, receiving module, motorcycle and car anti-theft product, home anti-theft product, electric door, rolling door and windows, burglar alarm, wireless toys, and other wireless security and automation home, public and industrial remote control projects.

Frequency: 433MHz
Input Voltage: 5V±0.3V
Current: 2mA
Modulation: ASK
Maximum Receive Sensitivity: -108dBm
Output Level: TTL level
Temperature: -20 °C ~ +60 °C
Size: 17.5mm x 11 mm x 9mm

Package Includes:
5 x 433MHz RF Receiver Module

Wireless Parameters
Receive sensitivity -108dBm (Max)
Bandwidth  ±10MHz
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 433MHz
Operating Voltage 5V
Current 2mA
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -20 °C ~ +60 °C
Size 17.5mm x 11mm x 9mm

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