4000W Thyristor Voltage Regulator (AC Dimmer)

4000W Thyristor Voltage Regulator (AC Dimmer)
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Tags: 4KW SCR, Single Phase Thyristor, Thyristor Regulator, Dimmer, 220V Thyristor, AC Voltage Regulator, AC Voltage Conveter

4000W SCR Single Phase Thyristor Voltage Regulator For Motor Speed Control is a 4000W, single phase, electrical thyristor to regulate AC voltage.
A thyristor is electronic solid-state semiconductor parts which consist of four conjunction layers of alternating N-type and P-type material. The thyristor works like a bistable switch or as a flip-flop. It starts conducting when the gate is triggered by a driver current and continuing to conduct until it is in forward-biased (the voltage across the device is forward). Also, this SCR thyristor can work as a switch like thyristor parts. The SCR thyristor is supplied with city power, 220V AC, and convert it to an AC voltage from 0 up to 220V AC with a current up to 40A AC.
This voltage regulator can easily and safely be used for regulating motor speed, heater temperature, voltage regulation, dimming function, independent switch control, voltage display. In other words, it transfers electrical power and solves the voltage problems such as power swing, easily. By this device can control and adjust speed, temperature, voltage,  light, and so on, from zero up to full (100%) load without any step or halt and just with pushing a button. So it can widely be used in household electrical appliances, industrial appliances, scientific test equipment, schools, such as electrical equipment. This device is produced safe and reliable, so it greatly resists on self-combustion, high-temperature deformation, flame retardant, and shell pressure.

Mode: WBT-4000W (Hardcover)
Input voltage: AC 220V
Output voltage: 0~220V adjustable (If the output voltage is too low, there will not display.)
Ultimate power: 4000W (adapt to 2000~3000W)
Voltage regulation range: 0~220V stepless adjustable (with load) The voltage reduces to 0V; the boost begins in 20V.
Rated current: 18A
Product Size: 100mm x 90mm x 60mm (LxWxH)
Install Size: 104mm x 75mm x 40mm

While testing a state which the tested output voltage and the input voltage are equal under the no-load case, It's required to connect more than 20W load, then you can test the output voltage.
It regulates just AC voltage ,so it can't produce a DC voltage.
The 4000W just is valuable for resistive load. For inductive load, this maximum power reduced to 1/3 resistive load. Resistive load means electric lamp, heater, etc. The inductive load is a motor series load.
Please do not apply it for electrical intelligent products

Package Include:
1x 4000W Thyristor Regulator

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage AC 220V
Output Voltage 0~220V adjudtable
Current 18A
Power 4KW
Rated Current 18A
Physical Parameters
Size 100mm x 90mm x 60mm (LxWxH)
Weight 547g

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