10 PCS 3D Printer Hot Bed Leveling Spring

10 PCS 3D Printer Hot Bed Leveling Spring
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Most 3D printers have a form of manual leveling. There are some ways to adjust the height of the printer’s bed, usually using screws and springs in either three or four points of the bed.
Getting the bed level in relation to the X and Y axis is very important for getting prints to stick well. This is one of the first steps you should do when you want to initiate a 3D printer. All bed leveling knobs should be tightened until springs are compressed halfway. The fact is the spring can allow the bed to give a little (up, down, sideways, front and backward) to minimize any damage.


  1. to fix the hot bed, door, window
  2. Suitable For: CR10, CR-10, CR-10S, Mk2, Mk3, Ender-3, Um2, Prusa I3

Leveling Spring Features:

  1. Height: 26mm
  2. Outside Diameter: 10mm
  3. Inside Diameter: 5mm
  4. Color: Yellow, Blue (Optional) 

Package Include:
10 x 3D Printer Hot Bed Leveling Spring

Physical Parameters
Height 26mm
Inner Diameter 5mm
Outer Diameter 10mm
Color Yellow, Blue (Optional) 

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