9889 Dual Lens Portable Mini Microscope with LED Light [30X , 60X]

9889 Dual Lens Portable Mini Microscope with LED Light [30X , 60X]
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Microscopy is the technical field of using microscopes to view objects and areas of objects that cannot be seen with the naked eye (objects that are not within the resolution range of the normal eye). 
This is a portable microscope which you can carry it everywhere you want. It does not need a power supply and it performs just by a little battery.
A magnifying glass (called a hand lens in laboratory contexts) is a convex lens that is used to produce a magnified image of an object. The lens is usually mounted in a frame with a handle. A magnifying glass can be used to focus light, such as to concentrate the sun's radiation to create a hot spot at the focus for fire starting.
High power magnifiers are sometimes mounted in a cylindrical or conical holder with no handle.
This is called a loupe. Such magnifiers can reach up to about 30×, and at these magnifications, the aperture of the magnifier becomes very small and it must be placed close to both the object and the eye. For more convenient use or for magnification beyond about 30×, one must instead use a microscope.
It has 2 lenses with different abilities for zooming, one of these lenses is 60x and the other one is 30x.

Optical glass lens provides clear view field
2 bright led light provides sufficient light at any condition
The UV lamp can be used as money checker
Folding metal cover protects the lens
Model: 9889
Magnification: 30X, 60X
Lens Diameter: 22 mm,12 mm
Lens Type: Triplet
Battery: 3 LR1130 Botton Battery (Not included)
Color: White
Material: Optical glass, metal, plastic
Size: 55mm x 40mm x 28mm

Use for Industry, Circuit Board and Printing, Medicine, Horticulture, Coin and Stamp, Geography, Education, Home, and Office.
A Precision Illuminated Zoom Microscope with 30x 60x Magnification Power.
Countless Uses for Hobbyists, Collectors, Electronic Engineers, Scientists, and Students.
Widely Used for Jeweler and Currency Detecting.
Verify-in Printing, Observation in Garden.

Package Include:
1 x 9889 30X 60X Mini Microscope


Physical Parameters
Size 55mm x 40mm x 28mm
Diameter 22mm,12mm (Lens Diameter)
Material Optical glass, metal, plastic
Color White

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