50 PCS 2w10 Rectifier Diode Bridge [2A]

50 PCS 2w10 Rectifier Diode Bridge [2A]
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50 PCS 2W10 Rectifier Diode Bridge [2A] package contains 50 pieces of a diode bridge for rectifying power AC electricity with 50A current in power supply circuits such as regulators for converting AC voltage to DC voltage, which is provided as a 2W10 2.0 Single-Phase Silicon Bridge Rectifier part. This part is presented as an integrated component with WO3 standard shape, which is roundly cased with reliable low-cost construction utilizing the molded plastic technique. This part has 4 Plated leads solderable adopted MIL-STD-202, Method 208.  This 2W10 is a single-phase silicon Bridge Rectifier with silver-plated copper leads and a reliable construction utilizing molded plastic case. This rectifier is designed for soldering on the printed circuit board or mounting in breadboards, that can operate with AC voltage up to 1000V peak or 700V RMS. During rectifying operation, the internal diodes have 1.1V max in forward biased and can tolerate up to maximum 1000V at reverse biased as Maximum DC blocking voltage.

Model: 2w10
Pin: 4
Maximum Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage: 1000V (1kV)
Maximum RMS Voltage: 700V
Maximum DC Voltage: 1000V (1kV)
Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current: 2A
Peak Forward Surge Current: 50A
Forward Voltage: 1V (at 1A)
Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ 150°C
Storage Temperature: -55°C ~ 150°C
Diameter: 9mm

Package Include:
50 x 2w10 Bridge Diode Rectifier

Component Features
Pin Number 4 Pin
Diode Specifications
DC Voltage 1000V
Forward Current 2A
Forward Surge Current 50A
Forward Voltage 1V (at 1A)
RMS Voltage 700V
Revers Baiased Voltage 1000V (Peak)
Physical Parameters
Diameter 9mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -55°C ~ 150°C
Storage temprature -55°C ~ 150°C

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