OV2710 Full HD USB Camera Module [2MP]

OV2710 Full HD USB Camera Module [2MP]
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Tags: Full HD Camera, USB Camera, 2mp omnivision OV2710 camera module

This is one of the best USB camera modules, that is featured full HD 1080P resolution image quality with the Omnivision OV2710 CMOS sensor.
This full hd 1080p camera module can be widely used for many high-tech applications like robotics, robots, machine vision, industrial automation, vision system, imaging, automotive, object tracking, factory automation, medical device, artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), computer vision, drones, sports, agriculture, bar code scanning, and 3d, etc.
The current module size is 32mm*32mm, your testing we can adjust module size and shape according to your requirement, it will require some engineering and development cost.
The camera outputs the MJPEG format 640X480 picture by default. Only in this format and resolution can a high frame rate be achieved.
The frame rate is locked at 100 frames. The frame rate does not change with the change of light. There is no exposure compensation in the dark environment.

2MP OMNIVISION OV2710 camera module Application:

  1. notebook computers
  2. high-end video conferencing
  3. security

2MP OMNIVISION OV2710 camera module Features:

  1. active array size: 1920x1080
  2. power supply:
    analog: 3.0~3.6V (3.3V typical)
    core: 1.425~1.575V (1.5V typical)
    I/O: 1.7~3.6V (1.8V typical)
  3. power requirements:
  4. active: 350 mW
  5. power down: 70 μA
  6. temperature range:
    operating: -30°C to 85°C junction temperature
    stable image: 0°C to 65°C junction temperature
  7. output interfaces: 10-bit parallel / one-lane MIPI
  8. output formats: RAW RGB (10-bit)
  9. lens size: 1/2.7"
  10. lens chief ray angle: 23.6°
  11. input clock frequency: 6 ~ 27 MHz
  12. scan mode: progressive
  13. maximum image transfer rate:
    1080p: 30 fps
    cropped 720p: 60 fps
    VGA: 120 fps
    QVGA: 240 fps
  14. sensitivity: 3700 mV/Lux-sec
  15. shutter: rolling
  16. max S/N ratio: 40 dB
  17. dynamic range: 69 dB @ 8x gain
  18. maximum exposure interval: 1096 tline
  19. pixel size: 3 μm x 3 μm
  20. dark current: 20 mV/s @ 60°C junction temperature
  21. image area: 5856 μm x 3276 μm
  22. package dimensions: 7465 μm x 5865 μm


  1. OV2710 datasheet Link
  2.  Omnivision OV2710 review Link
Connector Features
Type USB 2.0
Electrical Parameters
Input Current 120mA ~ 220mA
Input Voltage 5V
Physical Parameters
Size 38mm x 38mm (compatible with 32X32mm )
Camera Features
Frame Rate 120fps (Max)
Image Format MJPEG, YUV2
Resolution 1920x1080 Pixels (Max)
Sensor Type OV2710
Sensor Size 1/3 inch
Pixel Size 3μm x 3μm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -20°C ~ 70°C

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