5 PCS 3D Printer 2GT-6 Rubber Timing Belt [6mm]

5 PCS 3D Printer 2GT-6 Rubber Timing Belt [6mm]
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Tags: GT2, Timing Pulley, Timing Belt, Rubber Timing Belt, 6mm Timing

5 PCS 3D Printer 2GT-6 Rubber Timing Belt [6mm] package contains 5 meters of rubber toothed belt that is used in linear movement belt mechanism of the 3D printer.  Most of the 3D printer needs a linear motion, but motors offer rotational motion, so a mechanism is needed to convert the rotational motion to the linear motion. Most 3D printers use a mechanism consist of leadscrews and timing belts. In the printing process, the leadscrew moves the hot end to upward or haet bed to downward to create a linear movement along Z-axis. Belts translate the rotational motion of the motor to linear motion in X and Y-axis. A belt mechanism consists of a coach fixed to the belt, a toothed pulley or gear (sprocket) connected to the step motor, and a timing belt with teeth. The belt teeth fit into the notches of the gear, preventing it from slipping, and allowing it rotates with the motor, so keeping the belt taut is a very important factor in timing.
This timing belt has an opening timing belt shape with 6mm width, 2mm pitch, and 0.75mm tooth height, named as S2M GT2 MXL GT2 timing belt which is specialized for GT2 size of 3D printer linear movement belt mechanism.

Type: 2GT-6mm
GT2 Pitch: 2mm
Belt Height: 1.38 mm
Tooth Height: 0.75mm
Material: Rubber
Width: 6mm
Length: 1m
Shape: Open timing belt
Color: Black

The belt measuring unit is 1 meter. This belt is presented in 5m, 10m, 15m, and so on. 

Package Include:
5 x Rubber Timing Belt

Physical Parameters
Length 5m
Width 6mm
Thickness 1.38mm
Pitch 2mm
Material Rubber
Color Black

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