Plastic Spindle Worm Gear [ 26 Pieces ]

 Plastic Spindle Worm Gear [ 26 Pieces ]
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Tags: Motor Gear, Spindle Straight Tooth, Worm Gear, Bevel Gear, Shaft Sleeve, Plastic Gears

Plastic Spindle Worm Motor Gear is a set of 26 pieces of the plastic spindle, worm, and gear with different size (2mm, 2.3mm, 3mm, 3.17mm, and 4mm). The spindle gears are widely used in robotic and DIY worlds to make toys and models of aircraft, race machine, boats, and other scientific and technologic robotics. This is a useful set of easy to use parts and rotational accessories for making movement or force transportation in any kinds of cars, robots, etc. 
This spindle gear set contains:
10 D shaft sleeve, which is a cylindrical hollow metal tube placed over the shaft to protect as it passes through the packing. ( can be used for the 2A axle and shaft fixed bushing, known as the limiter, too)  
13 (9white and 4 blue gear) main shaft gear, which is a teeth part rotating machine part, that mesh with another toothed part to transmit torque.
2 Worm gears: 662A and 682A (can be used in changing the direction of movement)
One bevel gear: S162A  size (can be used in the transmission mechanism, to change the direction or angle of motor turns)

Material: Plastic
White: 80.8A, 81A, 81.5A, 82A, 102A, 122A, 132A, 142A, 182A (each one, total 9pcs)
Blue: 153AD, 152.3, 15.317, 154AD (each one, total 4pcs)
Worm: 6*62A, 6*82A (each one, total 2pcs)
Gear-B: S162A (1pc)
sleeves : 2mm Axle (10pcs)

Package Include:
10 x Sleeves
9 x White Spindle Speeds
4 x Blue Spindle Speeds
2 x Worm gear
1 x Bevel gear

Physical Parameters
Weight 5g
Material Plastic

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