E27 Ceramic Heating Lamp [250W] [220V]

E27 Ceramic Heating Lamp [250W] [220V]
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E27 Ceramic Heating Lamp [250W] [220V] is an electric radiant heater, which emits natural sunlight heating light spectrum (IR spectrum) to warm ambient. This is built like a lighting lamp, to conveniently use everywhere in the world. This is adopted with E27 lamp socket standards.  So this is as an infrared lamp, which emits infrared light with 250 watts power. This lamp is idealized for reptile animals such as snakes, turtles, lizard, and insects such as spiders, also, in the terrarium. The infrared beams pass from reptiles skin and tissues, dilates their blood vessels, and improve blood circulation systems, results in improving health and activities.
 The ceramic heater surface becomes very hot while working, so It should be used just with the specially designed Exo Terra Wire Light and maintain the proper distance from animals, fuels, flammable materials, and so on.

Lamp base: E27
Product type: Heating Lamps
Power: 250W
Voltage: 220V
Color: Black
Material: Ceramic
Size: 110mm x 140mm

Package Include:
1 x 220V 250W Ceramic Heating Lamp

Electrical Parameters
Voltage 220V
Power 250W
Physical Parameters
Size 110mm x 140mm
Material Ceramic
Color Black

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