100 PCS 1N4744A Zener Diode [15V]

100 PCS 1N4744A Zener Diode [15V]
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100 PCS 1N4744A Zener Diode package includes 100 pieces of the 15V, 2 pins zener single diode, which can tolerate high power (1W) dissipation. This diode is a high-temperature performance which can tolerate about 200° Celsius temperature. It can stabilize the voltage with a ±5% tolerance. Zener diodes can be categorized with these criteria:
Nominal Voltage: same the breakdown voltage
Power Dissipation: Maximum allowed power dissipation in diodes results in increasing internal temperature of the zener diode
Forward drive current: maximum allowed current at zener voltage
Forward voltage: Nominal voltage of the forward biased
Packaging type: Form of the zener diode
Maximum Reverse Current: Maximum allowed current in reverse biased.
Zener diodes are available with zener voltages in the range of 1.8V to 400V.  Overall, Zener diodes can widely be used in industrial, laboratories, production and anywhere as voltage stabilizer (shunt regulator),  switching operation circuits,  clipping circuits,  clamping circuits, and various protection circuits. The specific 1N4744A zener diode is a high power 15V zener diode and can be used in high power stabilizing and clipping circuits.

Zener Voltage Vz Typ: 15V
Power Dissipation: 1W
Diode Case Style: DO-41 (DO-204AL)
Zener Tolerance:  ±5%
No. of Pins: 2Pins
Operating Temperature Max: 200°C

Package Include:
100 x Zener Diode

Electrical Parameters
Tolerance ± 5%
Voltage 15V (Vz)
Power 1W
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature 200°C (Max)

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