20 PCS NE555 Pulse Generator Module [1Hz-200KHz]

20 PCS NE555 Pulse Generator Module [1Hz-200KHz]
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Tags: NE555, Clock Generator, Square Wave Generator, Adjustable Signal Generator, LM358

This NE555 square wave pulse generator module can be used to produce square wave signals for experimental development or in applications such as driving stepper motors, and as an adjustable pulse generator for microcontroller (MCU) applications.
There are 2 trim pots on the board. The one places on the left-hand side increases the frequency with clockwise rotation, decreases in the opposite direction. The other one placed on the right-hand side increases the duty cycle in the same way. You will find a jumper and 4 frequency headers on the board. These headers start from low frequencies to high frequencies. You can choose the frequency scale by wiring the jumper to one of these headers. Frequency bands are 1 Hz - 50 Hz, 50 Hz-1 KHz, 1KHz-10KHz, 10KHz-200KHz.
The output frequency is continuously adjustable using the onboard jumpers and potentiometers. Jumper settings are:
1Hz ~ 50Hz
50Hz ~ 1kHz
1KHz ~ 10kHz
10kHz ~ 200kHz
The output duty cycle can be fine-tuned using the onboard potentiometers. Duty cycle and frequency are not separately adjustable; adjusting the duty cycle will change the frequency.

Main chip: NE555
Input Voltage: 5VDC ~ 15VDC
Input current: 100mA
Output amplitude: 4.2V-PP ~ 11.4V-PP (Varies with VCC voltage)
Maximum output current: 15mA (VCC=5V) , 35mA (VCC=12V)
Output LED indicator (low level, LED is on, high level, LED is off; LED flashes with a frequency
Size: 31mm x 22mm

As a square wave signal generator for experimental development
Used to drive a stepper motor for generating a square wave drive signal
Generate adjustable pulses for microcontrollers (MCU)

NOTE: Before changing the frequency, please power off.

Package Include:
20 x NE555 Pulse Generator Module

Electrical Parameters
Frequency 1Hz ~ 200KHz
Input Current 100mA
Input Voltage 5VDC ~ 15VDC
Output Current 15mA (VCC=5V) , 35mA (VCC=12V)
Output Voltage 4.2V-PP ~ 11.4V-PP (Varies with VCC voltage)
Board Parameters
Main Chip NE555
Physical Parameters
Size 31mm x 22mm

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