19264A Graphic LCD Display Module [192x64 Pixel] [5V , 3.3V]

19264A Graphic LCD Display Module [192x64 Pixel] [5V , 3.3V]
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Tags: Dot matrix LCD, Graphic LCD, Graphic Display

Graphic display module structures are in the range of COB (Chip-On-Board), COG (Chip On Glass), TAB (Tape Automated Bonding). COB LCD modules are passive-matrix displays designed with a PCB on the back of the module, the driver chip is directly embedded on the back of the PCB. The PCB and LCD glass attaches together. The benefit of the COB LCD is easy assembly to design your application. These COB LCD modules consist of both character and graphic LCD types with different sizes and colors. 
In the COG module the driver chip is attached to the glass, so reduce the volume and mass of the entire LCD module. In TAB LCD, the  driver chip is directly attached to the glass, Which is an isotropic conductive adhesive bonding. The IC encapsulated in TCP (Tape Carrier Package carries package) is fixed on the LCD and PCB by anisotropic conductive adhesive, respectively. This assembly method can reduce weight, volume size, with high reliability.

Model: 19264A 
Type: Graphic Dot matrix LCD 
Driver IC: KS0108B OR EQV
Input Voltage: 5V , 3.3V (Optional)
Resolution: 192x64 Pixel
Color: Green Background
Screen Size: 104mm x 39mm
Size: 130mm x 65mm

Package Include:
1 x 19264A LCD module

Display Properties
Color Green Background
Driver IC KS0108B OR EQV
Resolution 192x64 Pixel
Screen Size 104mm x 39mm
Type Graphic Dot matrix LCD 
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 5V , 3.3V (Optional)
Physical Parameters
Size 130mm x 65mm

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