Flexible Single Sided Prototyping PCB Board [18cmx30cm]

Flexible Single Sided Prototyping PCB Board [18cmx30cm]
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Flexible Single-Sided Prototyping PCB Board [18cmx30cm] is a 18mmx30mm rectangle of the thin flexible PCB that is fully punched with holes of 1mm diameter in 2.54mm distance between them (hole pitch =2.54mm). This board can be soldered to keep the electronic parts such as  DIP, and SMD component and their wire connections. This board is made of high-quality FR-4 material that can be cropped (into smaller size), bent, and folded without cracking or deforming. The prototype board is provided in two types of single side and double sideboard. The single sideboard has pin copper shape just on the single side of the board so the electronic component and wire can be soldered and mounted on the same side. The pins copper holes are made on the two sides of The dual side or double side-board and the electronic component can be soldered and mounted on each side of the board.

Substrate material: high-quality FR-4
Flame retardant properties: VO
Thickness: 0.4mm
Aperture: 1mm (5% error)
Hole spacing: 2.54mm (100mil)
Size: 180mm x 300mm

Package Include:
1 x 18x30cm Flexible Single-Sided Protoboard

Physical Parameters
Size 180mm x 300mm
Thickness 0.4mm
Pitch 2.54mm

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