20 PCS 1.25mm Pitch Double Head Connector Cable [15cm]

20 PCS 1.25mm Pitch Double Head Connector Cable [15cm]
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An electrical connector is an electromechanical device used to join electrical terminations and create an electrical circuit. Thousands of configurations of connectors are manufactured for power, data and audiovisual applications. Electrical connectors can be divided into four basic categories, differentiated by their function:
1. Chassis or panel connectors
2. PCB mount connectors
3. Inline or cable connectors
4. Splice or butt connectors
In addition to the classes mentioned above, connectors are characterized by their pinout, method of connection, materials, size, contact resistance, insulation, mechanical durability, ingress protection, lifetime (number of cycles), and ease of use. Connectors are purely passive components, that is, they do not enhance the function of a circuit. So connectors should affect the function of a circuit as little as possible. Insecure mounting of connectors (primarily chassis-mounted) can contribute significantly to the risk of failure, especially when subjected to extreme shock or vibration. Other causes of failure are connectors inadequately rated for the applied current and voltage, connectors with inadequate ingress protection and threaded backshells that are worn or damaged.

Connector Type: Female Connector
Pin: 2 Pin, 3 Pin, 4 Pin, 5 Pin, 6 Pin, 7 Pin, 8 Pin, 9 Pin, 10 Pin (Optional)
Pitch: 1.25mm
Cable length: 15cm
Color: Full color

Package Include:
20 x Double Head 1.25mm Pitch Connector Cable

Physical Parameters
Pitch 1.25mm
Color Colorful
Cable Features
Cable Length 15cm
Socket Type Female Connector 2 Pin, 3 Pin, 4 Pin, 5 Pin, 6 Pin, 7 Pin, 8 Pin, 9 Pin, 10 Pin (Optional)

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