OV13855 camera module suitable for Orange Pi

OV13855 camera module suitable for Orange Pi
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The Orange Pi 13MP Camera Module (OV13850, MIPI) is a high resolution camera designed for use with Orange pi 5/5B/5 Plus single board computers. The camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels, which allows you to get detailed and high-quality images, and in addition, the camera supports the MIPI CSI interface, which allows it to connect to the corresponding CSI ports on Orange Pi single-board computers. connect It ensures high data transfer speed and reliable connection.
The camera is based on the OV13855 sensor, which offers high light sensitivity and good performance in various lighting conditions. The camera is compatible with various operating systems supported by Orange Pi, including Linux and Android.


Pixel: 1300W
Dynamic image resolution: 4224x3136
lmage resolution: Image size support-13.2MP(4224X3136) 10MP(16.9-4224x2376) 4K2K(3840x2160) EIS 1080P(2112X1188) EIS 720P(1408X792)
Color number: 10-bit
Focal length: 3000mm
F number: 2±5%
Shooting range: 0.1m→∞
View angle: 77.6°
Distortion: <1.5%
Relative illumination: 450mV/LUX-sec
Image transmission rate: 6~64MHz
White balance: Defect pixel correction, automatic black level calibration, lens shading correction, and alternate row HDR
Gain: 63.4dB @ 1x gaim
Exposure control: rogrammable controls: gain, exposure, frame rate
Output signal: 10-bit RGB RAW
Encoded output: Analog or digital video
Output pin: 40Pin
Working voltage: AVDD2.8V/DOVDD1.8V/DVDD1.2V
Consumption: Active:199mW(13mp@30fps,ISP OFF)

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