15 PCS DC-DC 5V to 12V Step Up Converter [USB Cable]

15 PCS DC-DC 5V to 12V Step Up Converter [USB Cable]
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This DC-DC step up cable converter can boost the USB 5V to 12V DC and is also very simple, light and comfortable. With the help of this module, you can convert the common +5V from mobile chargers, power banks and computer USB jacks to another widespread +12V DC voltage. DC-DC converters come with different prices and size factors, but in the case of this particular model, by limiting to only one function, you save space and cost, such as the cable. Dropping voltage is a relatively easy process, but creating a higher voltage out of a lower voltage almost seems like alchemy. It can only work within the limits of physics, which means the output power (volts*amps) of it will always be lower than the input power (volts*amps).

Input voltage: DC 5V
Output voltage: DC 12V
Max input current: 2A
Max Output current: 750mA (Recommended 500mA)
Length: 1 meter

You can power 12V DC appliances like modems, access points, fans, led lamps, ... from your 5V power bank, mobile charger, laptop or computer.

Package Include:
15x DC-DC 12V Step Up Cable

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage DC 5V
Output Current 750mA (Max) - 500mA Recommended
Output Voltage DC 12V
Physical Parameters
Length 1 meter
Weight 22g

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