AC-DC Switching Power Supply [12V] [5A]

AC-DC Switching Power Supply [12V] [5A]
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Tags: Switching Power Supply, AC DC, Regulated Switching, SMPS, 12V Power Supply, 5A Power Supply

A switching power supply takes an AC input, but rectifies and filters into DC first, is converted back into AC at some high switching frequency, steps down the voltage with a transformer, then is rectified and filtered into a DC output.
Switching AC-DC converters utilize a switching regulator to control the conversion of electrical power in the most efficient way possible.
While there are two main types of regulated power supplies (Switching & Linear), switching AC to DC power supplies are comparatively more reliable and efficient than linear AC to DC converters.

Input Voltage: 110V AC ~ 240V AC
Input Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Output Voltage: 12V DC
Output Current: 5A
Output Power: 60W
Size: 160mm x 40mm x 33mm

Package Include:
1 x 12V 5A Switching Power Supply

Electrical Parameters
Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Input Voltage 110Vac ~ 240Vac
Output Current 5A
Output Power 60W
Output Voltage 12Vdc
Physical Parameters
Size 160mm x 40mm x 33mm

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