1CH Wireless Remote Control Switch Kit

1CH Wireless Remote Control Switch Kit
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DC 12V 10A 1CH Wireless 315MHz Remote Control Switch  is a 315MHz one channel, wireless remote control switch, which is supplied with 12V DC and can drive up to 10A loads. It has three output working modes of self-locking, interlocking and jog modes.
Self-locking mode: Press the same remote control button, press once, the relay will be opened, press again, the relay will be closed.
Interlocking mode: Press the “A” button on the remote control, the relay will open, press the “B” button on the remote control, and the relay will be off.
Jog mode: Press the “A” button on the remote control, the relay will open, release the “A” button on the remote control, and the relay will be off. If you keep pressing the "A" button on the remote control, the relay will remain on, when will the remote control be released, and when the relay will be turned off.  
The wireless remote control switch is widely used in house, mall, electromotive, cars and motorcycle anti-theft alarm system, door open and closing or other control systems Specified as preferred components in the remote control garage, roller curtain, door locks, remote sensing, telemetry, industrial control and wireless security alarm, refrigerated truckle, electric cabinet, terminal equipment, electronic/metal/wooden cabinet, pay phone, underground strobe, ATM, enclosure, stander, kiosk, vending/game machine, safety box, locker, letter box, postal box, coffer, AD showcase, coin-op, vehicle, mail box & tools box, furniture etc.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Working voltage: DC12V
Standby current: about 8mA
Operating frequency: 315MHz
Code Type: Fixed code, learning code
Receiver sensitivity: -95dBm
Output: 1-way passive switch (jog/interlocking/ self-locking can set up their own)
Recommended load: Within DC 90W, exchange within 600W, motor type inductive load halved
Working temperature: -15 °C ~ 75 °C
Board Size: 35mm x 32mm x 19mm
Shell Size: 40mm x 40mm x 25mm

Package Include:
1x Receiver (With Box)
1x Transmitter

Wireless Parameters
Receive sensitivity -95dBm
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 315MHz
Voltage DC12V
Static current about 8mA
Physical Parameters
Size 35mm x 32mm x 19mm ( Board )
Weight 51g
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -15 °C ~ 75 °C

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