10 PCS 100Kohm NTC Thermistor

10 PCS 100Kohm NTC Thermistor
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10 PCS 100Kohm NTC Thermistor For 3D Printer package contains 10 pieces of an accurate and single-ended glass seal thermistor, to detect and measure wide range temperature. A thermistor is a thermal resistor, whose resistance quantity varies extremely with the temperature variation, more than a typical resistor. If by raising the temperature, thermistor resistance is raised, this thermistor is named Positive thermal coefficient (PTC), and inversely, if thermistor resistance is fallen due to the temperature rising, this thermistor is named Negetivethermal coefficient (NTC).  This thermistor is made of thin-film Platinum, an anti-corrosion waterproof material to achieve highly accurate and long-time stability. This platinum thermistor is categorized as a TT-NTC temperature sensor, which includes three standard types of NTC100, NTC500, and NTC1000. 
This thermal sensor is widely used in the home, medical, environmental, meteorological, laboratories, commercial, and industrial automation instruments such as:
Induction cooker, electric pressure cooker, disinfection cabinet, water dispenser, microwave oven, electric heating stove, etc.
Temperature detection and compensation of office automation equipment (copiers, printers, fax machines, 3D printers, program-controlled machines, etc.).
Temperature control of food processing equipment.
Server rooms, to sense and control the UPS, PCs, Servers, etc.
Temperature protection of communication products such as mobile phone battery packs and chargers.
Instrument coil, integrated circuit, quartz crystal oscillator, and thermocouple temperature compensation.

NTC thermistor Application:

  1. mobile phone battery packs and chargers
  2. Instrument coil
  3. integrated circuit
  4. quartz crystal oscillator
  5. thermocouple temperature compensation

100k NTC thermistor Specification:

  1. Product model: AYN-MF59-104F-3950FB Resistance (R25°C): 100KΩ
  2. Resistance (R25°C) allowable deviation: ± 1%
  3. B value: 3950K
  4. B value tolerance: ±1%
  5. Operating temperature range: -40°C ~ 250°C
  6. Dissipation coefficient: ≥2mW/°C (in still air)
  7. The time constant: ≤ 20S (in still air)


  1. NTC thermistor arduino Link
  2. NTX Thermistor datasheet Link

Package includes:

  1. 10 x NTC Thermistor
Electrical Parameters
Resistance 100 KΩ (at 25°C)
Tolerance ±1%
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 250°C
Weight 1g

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