5 PCS SMD Electrolytic Capacitor [1000uF] [25V]

5 PCS SMD Electrolytic Capacitor [1000uF] [25V]
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SMD or SMT surface mount capacitors are used in high volume manufacture - quantities used are numbered in the billions. They are small, leadless and can be placed onto modern printed circuit boards using pick and place machines used in modern manufacturing.
There are many different types of SMD capacitors ranging from ceramic types, through tantalum varieties to electrolytes and more. Of these, the ceramic SMD capacitors are the most widely used.
SMD capacitors are just one form of component that uses surface mount technology. This form of component technology has now become commonplace for manufacturing electronic equipment as it enables much faster and more reliable construction of electronic printed circuit boards.
SMD electrolytic capacitors are often marked with their capacitance and working voltage, e.g. 10 6V is 10 µF 6V. Sometimes a code is used instead, which normally consists of a letter and 3 digits. The letter indicates the working voltage and the 3 digits (2 digits and multiplier) give the capacitance in pF.
It is an electrolytic capacitor operating at 1000uF up to 25V voltage. This capacitor is 12x13mm in size.

Capacitor Type: SMD Electrolytic Capacitor
Capacitor Value: 1000uF
Maximum Operating Voltage: 25V
Pad Number: 2 Pad
Dimensions: 12mm x 13mm

Package Include:
5 x 1000uf 25V SMD Electrolytic Capacitor 

Component Features
Pad Number 2 Pad
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 25V (Max)
Capacity 1000uF
Physical Parameters
Size 12mm x 13mm

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