3D Printer MK8 Extruder [0.3mm Nozzle]

3D Printer MK8 Extruder [0.3mm Nozzle]
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3D Printer Geeetech MK8 Extruder [0.3mm Nozzle] is a Geeetech upgraded of the MK8 extruder module for the 3D printer with With 42BYGHW818 stepper motor and 0.3mm nozzle installed, which can simply be assembled as dual head extrusion by adding a holder.
The extruder is the base of the printing process. The solid plastic of the printing material known as filament gets into the extruder, melted due to high temperature and get out and get out according to programmed command. This acts as a programmed fancy hot glue gun. The extruder has two main parts of the hot end and cold end, together (Direct extruder) or separated (Bowden extruder). 
The cold end base is a step motor to pull inward the filament in the extruder and push it outward. The hot end should be hot enough to melt the filament and spout on the bed. Basic parts of the extruder are Hobbed gear, Ideler gear, Hot-end heatsink known as heat brack, Heater cartridge, Thermistor or RTD, nozzle.
MK8 extruder offers great quality with high performance for 3D printers. This extruder utilizes a double "V" feeding to achieve stable and uniform feeding. The MK8 uses the heat-resistance Teflon tube inside the barrel that has a self lubricant property to smooth movement of the filament and ensures fluent feeding. 
Also, MK8 has a precise nozzle for precise extrusion and excellent printing. By applying a proper extruder holder, MK8 can be used on most 3D printer such as Reprap Prusa I3 and many other types of 3D printers.
The Geeetech MK8 upgraded extruder uses 42BYGHW818 stepper motor that is a 42mm high-quality stepper motor with larger torque and less heat buildup. This MK8 has special ceramic insulation cotton for heat stability and low power consumption. This upgraded extruder has direct transmission, without the heavy gears, compact size and weight, and a variety of specifications to choose, the most suitable is the best

Extrusion nozzle: 0.3mm
The material of Print: 1.75mm PLA/ABS
The flow rate of Nozzle: about 24cc / h
Sports shaft speed:40mm/s
The voltage of the heating nozzle: 12V
Thermistor: 100K NTC
Operating voltage of cooling fan: 12V
Heating rods: 6mm, 12V, 30W
Normal working temperature: 190°-230°

Make sure the maximum temperature is less than 280° because the higher temperature can easily damage the refractory material.

Package Include:
1 x Geeetech MK8 Extruder

3D Printer Properties
Nozzle Diameter 0.3mm
Supporting Material PLA/ABS Filament
Filament size 1.75mm
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 12 V
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature 190°C to 230°C
Net Weight 450g
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature 190°C ~ 230°C

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