8x8 RGB Dot Matrix

8x8 RGB Dot Matrix
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Triple Color LED Matrix! This large matrix has 64 Red, 64 Green, and 64 Blue individual LEDs built into one common Anode housing.RGB is a specialized RGB full color dot matrix design of a control board Arduino module, this module in addition to the RGB matrix drive independently, but also can be used as a control panel to use Arduino oh. Very convenient and practical, on-board chip is ATmega 328 chip, the board also raises above the ISP interface, you can always give 328 chip programmed bootloader. The disadvantage is that now you do not want to see other Arduino Uno board, there is no lead to the corresponding I / 0 out of the mouth, but raises a number of IIC interface and the power supply interface. Follow-up time will be to develop an I / 0 ports of the board with the purchasers to buy this board does not need to buy more piece Uno board or what the board of MEGA 2560.

Common Anode RGB 8x8 Matrix Display
5mm LED's are clear for maximum brightness.
These are a large display, check the specs below.
Compatible with  Arduino RGB LED Matrix Driver Shield Colors Shield

Package Include:
1x Dot Matrix
Physical Parameters
Size 60.5mm x 60.5mm x 9.2mm

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