1024x600 X710 7 inch TFT LCD Display Module with Touch Screen

1024x600 X710 7 inch TFT LCD Display Module with Touch Screen
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The X710 LCD is a high quality and definition, full color, FriendlyARM TFT LCD with capacitive touch panel. This resolution is 1024 x 600 pixels with a backlight (via FriendlyARM one-wire technology). It works with FriendlyARM devices such as Mini210S, Tiny4412, NanoPC-T2, NanoPi 2 and NanoPi 2 Fire under Linux and Android, so its driver is open source. The LCD is developed with a 5-point capacitive touch screen which can detect finger pressure at any point on its surface. The LCD has a black bezel with mounting holes to apply or install it, in various situations, easily.
The X710 LCD has already been mass-produced on the FriendlyARM series development board. The LCD communicates through a tape by using a special LCD connector. This is compatible with Android and Debian, so you can create your own tablet and develop favorite applications and devices.

Nowadays, most LCDs less than 12” have LED backlight. You can use the one-wire’s to process the backlight as well. Each FriendlyARM’s LCD module has a unique ID which is saved in the one-wire’s. When calling this information from GPIO, the microcontroller recognizes the LCD model and instructs the appreciate bootloader to load the LCD driver, making a FriendlyARM LCD plug and play.

7 inch TFT LCD Display module Application:

  1. games
  2. tablet and phone
  3. controller system
  4. ARM based module

7 inch TFT LCD Display module Features:

  1. Model: X710
  2. Type: TFT
  3. Input Voltage: 5V
  4. Input Current: 1A
  5. Touch Type: Capacitive touch screen
  6. Color: Full Color
  7. Screen Size: 7 inch
  8. Resolution: 1024x600 Pixel
  9. Interface: Digital
  10. Display area: 153.06mm x 90mm
  11. Size: 132.2mm x 195.8mm x 9.5mm

7 inch TFT LCD Display module Items:

  1. 1 x 7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD
  2. 1 x FPC Cable

Display Properties
Color Full Color
Resolution 1024x600 Pixel
Screen Size 7 inch (153.06mm x 90mm)
Type TFT
Touch Type Capacitive touch screen
Interface Type Digital
Electrical Parameters
Input Current 1A
Input Voltage 5V
Physical Parameters
Size 132.2mm x 195.8mm x 9.5mm

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