Sunnysky X4108S Brushless Motor [KV380, KV480, KV600, KV690]

Sunnysky X4108S Brushless Motor [KV380, KV480, KV600, KV690]
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brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motor or BL motor), also known as the electronically commutated motor (ECM or EC motor) and synchronous DC motors, are synchronous motors powered by direct current (DC) electricity to drive each phase of the motor.
The construction of a brushless motor system is typically similar to a permanent magnet synchronous motor.
The advantages of a brushless motor over brushed motors are high power-to-weight ratio, high speed, electronic control, and low maintenance. Brushless motors find applications in such places as computer peripherals (disk drives, printers), hand-held power tools, and vehicles ranging from model aircraft to automobiles. Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient whereas brushed DC motors are around 75-80% efficient. This difference in efficiency means that more of the total power used by the motor is being turned into rotational force and less is being lost as heat.
Because a computer controls the motor instead of mechanical brushes, it's more precise. The computer can also factor the speed of the motor into the equation. This makes brushless motors more efficient.

The only disadvantage of a this  motor is its higher initial cost, but you can often recover that cost through greater efficiency over the life of the motor.

SunnySky brushless motor Application:

  1. Multirotor aircraft
  2. quadcopter

SunnySky brushless motor Features:

  1. Model: X4108S
  2. KV (rpm/v): KV380, KV480, KV600, KV690 (Optional)
  3. Motor Power: 346W (KV380), 448W (KV480), 330W (KV600), 450W (KV690)
  4. No Load Current: 0.2A (KV380), 0.4A (KV480), 0.4A (KV600), 0.6A (KV690)
  5. Diameter: 46mm
  6. Length: 25.5mm (excluding motor shaft)
  7. Wire length: 60cm
  8. Prop adaptor output shaft diameter: 6mm


  1. Sunnysky x4108 380 kv Link
Motor Specifications
No Load Current 0.2A (KV380), 0.4A (KV480), 0.4A (KV600), 0.6A (KV690)
Diameter 46mm
Length 25.5mm (excluding motor shaft)
Power 346W (KV380), 448W (KV480), 330W (KV600), 450W (KV690)
KV KV380, KV480, KV600, KV690 (Optional)
Cable Features
Cable Length 60cm

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