UWB Omnidirectional Antenna [3GHz-6.5GHz] [3dBi]

UWB Omnidirectional Antenna [3GHz-6.5GHz] [3dBi]
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Tags: Omnidirectional Antenna, UWB Antenna, Ultra Wideband

UWB Omnidirectional Antenna can work on the 3GHz-6.5GHz frequency range with the gain of 3dBi. This antenna  is suitable for Ultra-WideBand indoor positioning, instead of decawave original antenna. An omnidirectional antenna is a wireless transmitting or receiving antenna that radiates or intercepts radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields equally well in all horizontal directions in a flat, two-dimensional (2D) geometric plane.
In general, the microwave imaging system is formed by a circular cylindrical array antenna in orderto detect cancerous tissue. In this approach, circular cylindrical microwave imaging systems requiresmall antennas with omnidirectional radiation patterns and large bandwidth. The majority of thecompact ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas exhibit omnidirectional radiationpatterns with relatively low gain and an impulse response with observable distortion. These typesof UWB antennas are suitable for the short-range indoor and outdoor communication. However, forradar systems, such as a UWB microwave imaging system for detection of tumor in woman’s breast, amoderate gain directional antenna is advantageous

Frequency: 3GHz ~ 6.5GHz
Gain: 3dBi 
VSWR: <1.5 
Polarization: vertical
Directivity: Omnidirectional 
Standard Impedance: 50 Ω
Connector: SMA
Size: 40mm x 30mm

Package Include:
1 x 3GHz-6.5GHz UWB Antenna

Antenna Features
Gain 3dBi 
Impedance 50Ω
Polarization Vertical
Antenna Frequency 3GHz ~ 6.5GHz
Connector SMA
VSWR <1.5 
Size 40mm x 30mm

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