TF Mini LiDAR Distance Sensor Module [4.5V-6V] [30cm-1200cm]

TF Mini LiDAR Distance Sensor Module [4.5V-6V] [30cm-1200cm]
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Tags: Laser Distance Sensor, Long Distance Sensor, Distance Detection, Distance Measurement, LIDAR module, Laser Sensor

A laser distance meter works by use of measuring the time. It takes a pulse of laser light to be reflected off a target and returned to the sender. This is known as the "time of flight" principle, and the method is known either as “time of flight” or “pulse” measurement.
ToF is the abbreviation of Time of Flight technology and its operating principle is as follows: a modulated near-infrared light is sent from the sensor and reflected by an object; the distance to the object to be shot can be converted with the sensor by calculating the time difference or phase difference between the light sending and the light reflection, so as to produce the depth information. 
The accuracy of a laser distance meter depends on the original pulse returning to the sending device. Even though laser beams are very narrow and have high energies, they are subject to the same atmospheric distortions that affect normal, white light. These atmospheric distortions may make it difficult to get an accurate reading of the distance of an object near greenery or over long distances of more than 1 kilometer in desert terrain. Also, different materials reflect light to greater or lesser degrees. A material that tends to absorb or scatter light (diffusion) reduces the likelihood the original laser pulse can be reflected back for calculation. In cases where the target has a diffuse reflection, a laser distance meter using a “phase shift method” should be used.

• Drone altitude holding and terrain following
• Machine control and safety sensor
• Robot distance detection

Manufacturer: Seeed Studio
Type: TF Mini LiDAR Distance Sensor
Operating Voltage:4.5V ~ 6V
Power: 0.6W
Frequency: 100Hz
Distance Range: 0.3m ~ 12m
Maximum Operating Range at 10% Reflectivity: 5m
Acceptance Angle: 2.3°
Accuracy: 1% (less than 6m) , 2% (6m-12m)
Distance Detection Unit: cm
Laser Wavelength: 850nm
Light Sensitivity: 70,000lux
Interface: UART
Operating Temperature: - 20℃ ~ + 60℃
Size: 36mm x 15mm x 16mm

Package Include:
1 x Seeedstudio Grove - TF Mini LiDAR

Interface Type UART
Laser Features
wavelength 850nm
Sensor Parameters
Accuracy 1% (less than 6m) , 2% (6m-12m)
Distance Range 0.3m ~ 12m
Resolution 1cm
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 100Hz
Operating Voltage 4.5V ~ 6V
Power 0.6W
Physical Parameters
Size 36mm x 15mm x 16mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature - 20℃ ~ + 60℃

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