CJMCU SCA100T-D02 Inclinometer Sensor Module

CJMCU SCA100T-D02 Inclinometer Sensor Module
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CJMCU-100 SCA100T-D02 Sensor is a 90° measuring dual-axis tilt sensor chip, based on 3D-MEMS technology, provides instrument-level profiling.
The SCA100T Series is a 3D-MEMS-based dual axis inclinometer family that provides instrumentation grade performance for levelling applications. The measuring axes of the sensing elements are parallel to the mounting plane and orthogonal to each other. Low temperature dependency, high resolution and low noise, together a with robust sensing element design, make the SCA100T the ideal choice for levelling instruments. The Murata inclinometers are unsensitive to vibration, due to their over damped sensing elements, and can withstand mechanical shocks of up to 20000 g.

2 axis inclinometer SCA100T-D02 module Application:

  1. Levelling instruments
  2. Construction levels
  3. Platform levelling and stabilization
  4. 360° vertical orientation measurement

2 axis inclinometer SCA100T-D02 module Features:

  1. Model: SCA100T-D02
  2. Number of Axes: Two Axis
  3. Input Voltage: +5V
  4. Current Consumption: 4mA
  5. Output Type: Digital, Analog
  6. Bandwidth: 20Hz
  7. Sensitivity: 2V/g, 35mV/°
  8. Temperature Drift: ±0.008°/℃
  9. Measuring Range: -90° ~ +90°
  10. Resolution: 0.0035° (at 10Hz BW, analog output) , 11Bit (Digital Output)
  11. Interface: SPI, Analog
  12. Pin Number: 10 Pins
  13. Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +125°C
  14. Size: 28mm x 31mm
  15. Measuring range:± 90° SCA100T-D02
  16. 0.0035° resolution (10 Hz BW, analog output)
  17. Sensing element controlled over damped
  18. frequency response (-3dB 18Hz)
  19. Robust design, high shock durability (20000g)
  20. High stability over temperature and time
  21. Single +5 V supply
  22. Ratiometric analog voltage outputs
  23. Digital SPI inclination and temperature output
  24. Comprehensive failure detection features
    True self test by deflecting the sensing
    elements’ proof mass by electrostatic force.
    Continuous sensing element interconnection
  25. failure check.
    Continuous memory parity check.
  26. RoHS compliant
  27. Compatible with Pb-free reflow solder process


  1. SCA100T-D02 Sensor datasheet Link
  2. CJMCU SCA100T-D02 inclinometer sensor module review Link

Interface Type SPI, Analog
Sensor Parameters
Measuring range -90° ~ +90°
Output Type Digital, Analog
Sensitivity 2V/g, 35mV/°
Resolution 0.0035° (at 10Hz BW, analog output) , 11Bit (Digital Output)
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 5V
Bandwidth 20Hz
Current Consumption 4mA
Board Parameters
Main Chip SCA100T-D02
Pin Count 10 Pins
Physical Parameters
Size 28mm x 31mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40°C ~ +125°C

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