Orange Pi 2G-IOT Full Color TFT Display Module [3.97 inch] [480x800 Pixel]

Orange Pi 2G-IOT Full Color TFT Display Module [3.97 inch] [480x800 Pixel]
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Tags: Full Color Display, TFT Display, Orange Pi 2GIOT, Capacitive Touch, Touch Display

Orange Pi 2G-IOT Full Color TFT Display Module [3.97 inch] [480x800 Pixel] is 3.97 inches, high quality, full color, TFT LCD with capacitive touch panel, which is dedicated for the Orange Pi 2G-IOT mainboard. A TFT display is a liquid crystal display module based on the new technology of the thin film transistor, which presents full RGB exhibiting a wide range of colors and tints. Thus, TFT display presents a full reach color, the image with more details, and brighter than typical LCD, in the size range of small to medium.
This 4" display has 480x800 pixels with a backlight and a multi-point capacitive touch screen which can detect finger pressure at any point on its surface. This display can directly be connected to the Orange Pi 2G-IOT with a flat cable without any driver, which may be not matched with other Raspberry Pi and microcontroller board in physical and program interfaces.

Type: TFT
Touch Type: Capacitive touch screen
Color: Full Color
Screen Size: 3.97 inch
Resolution: 480x800 Pixel
Display area: 51.84mm x 86.4mm
PCB Size: 57.14mm x 96.85mm x 2.0mm

Package Include:
1 x 3.97 inch Touch TFT LCD Screen

Display Properties
Color Full Color
Resolution 480x800 Pixel
Screen Size 3.97 inch (51.84mm x 86.4mm)
Type TFT
Touch Type Capacitive touch screen
Physical Parameters
Size 57.14mm x 96.85mm x 2.0mm

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