NX3224K028 HMI TFT Display Module [2.8 inch] [320x240 Pixel]

NX3224K028 HMI TFT Display Module [2.8 inch] [320x240 Pixel]
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Tags: HMI Display, Touch Display, Resistive Touch, TFT Display, Full Color Display

NX3224K028 HMI TFT module is a 2.8 inch, 320x240 Pixel, TFT HMI (Human-Machine Interface) touch panel device. HMI device is an interface between a human user and a machine or control system in a manufacturing process. An HMI screen characterizes a text, graphic, or visual representation of the status of a control system by collecting, recording, and displaying data in real-time. It is the best solution to replace the traditional LCD and LED Nixie tube.​​​
The Nextion enhanced new version, more powerful, support built-in RTC, saves data to Flash, larger flash capacity and faster CPU. 
Enhanced NX3224K028 is a powerful 2.8'' HMI TFT display, with 16MB Flash data storage space, 1024 byte EEPROM, 3584 byte RAM. IT has an SD card interface which supports max 32G Micro TF/SD card (FAT32 file format) with GPIO supported, so you can use Nextion to control external devices.
For connecting an HMI touch screen to a machine or manufacturing line, you must connect it to a device such as a PLC (programmable logic controller), VFD (variable frequency drive), or other controller. The PLC, VFD, and so on, collects data information from the machine sensors and then formats the data to create a message that can communicate with the HMI touch panel to allow for it to interpret and display the information provided. The main purpose of an HMI touch panel device is to create a user interface which possibles efficient and user-friendly control of devices or production lines to provide optimal outputs in an automotive or industrial setting. HMI touch panels are closely incorporated in industrial and mechanical process control systems, but not limited to these motion controls, packaging machinery, food processing, pump control, water & wastewater treatment, oil and gas, vehicle management, environmental control, alarm systems, building management, etc. 

Type: HMI TFT Display
Touch Type: Resistive touch screen
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 500mA
Color: Full Color (64K color)
Screen Size: 2.8 inch
Resolution: 320x240 Pixel
Flash: 16MB
EEPROM: 1024 bytes
RAM: 3584 bytes
SD Card: support max 32G Micro TF/SD card
Interface: Serial
Backlight lifetime (Average): >30,000 Hours
Display area: 48.96mm x 36.72mm
PCB Size: 74.4mm x 42.72mm x 5.8mm

Package Include:
1 x NX3224K028 2.8inch HMI Touch Display
1 × power supply test board
1 × 4-pin grove cable

Display Properties
Color Full Color (64K color)
Resolution 320x240 Pixel
Screen Size 2.8 inch (48.96mm x 36.72mm)
Supports support max 32G Micro TF/SD card
Type HMI TFT Disolay
Touch Type Resistive touch screen
Interface Type Serial
Electrical Parameters
Input Current 500mA
Input Voltage 5V
Board Parameters
EEPROM 1024 bytes
RAM 3584 bytes
Physical Parameters
Size 74.4mm x 42.72mm x 5.8mm

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