Geek-Dad PCB Conductive Ink Pen [NK8060]

Geek-Dad PCB Conductive Ink Pen [NK8060]
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Tags: Conductive Ink, Conductive Brush, Ink Circuits, Electronic Pen, Conductive Pen

Geek-Dad Conductive ink pen for PCB drawing is a pen to create any simple or complicated circuits, rapidly, on fiberglass, wood, plastic or paper. You just scribe the pen on the surface and it conduct electricity on the path drawn without any soldering and wires. you make your circuit on the surface of materials. Also you can repair damged circuit by this pen. the ink of the pen is a mixture of silver salt and adhesive rubber. after few minutes adhesive will be dried and circuit is ready to use. Shake well before using and you need to maintain a continuous and uniform line when you draw. Start to enjoy this creative way of drawing a circuit diagram.

Model: NK8060
Paint color: black 
characteristics: oily, fast drying
Thinner: special oily organic solvent
Theoretical coverage rate: 8-12m2/kg
Brush track width: about 1mm
Recommended thickness: 20-25 microns
Air drying method: natural drying
Paint material: cardboard, glass, ABS, PVC, PS, Plastics such as PC and HIPS

Package Include:
1 x Conductive Pen

Physical Parameters
Thickness 20-25 microns
Weight 20g

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