KFB 3.0 3D Printer Motherboard

KFB 3.0 3D Printer Motherboard
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KEB3.0 controller board is specifically designed and developed according to the problems of the 3D printer KFB2.0 controller board. The design of the circuit takes full account of the protective facilities, and the double self-recovery fuse prevents the circuit from short-circuit burning out of the device. The 5 channels of high current resistant diodes to prevent reverse connection, even if the power supply is positive and negative, it will not burn the controller board. The pin is designed to be compatible with BaseV1.0 and MKS GenV1.4 controller board, Marlin, Repefier and other open-source firmware which can be downloaded from its website directly.

KFB3.0 controller board characteristics:
(1) Power step-down voltage chip adopted L5970D chip: work up to 1A output
current, input voltage of 4.4V to 36V, low operation. 100% duty, internal fixed
frequency, 250 kHz voltage feedforward, run zero load current, the zero current
consumption, shut off the heat, high efficiency, good stability, not easy to
overheating, short circuit protection function, sufficient margin Arduino step-down
chip maximum support only 12V, so has been loaded with work is easy to burn out.
(2) The USB serial chip adopts CH340T chip, the maximum 2Mbps, the
communication is stable and not lost, which solves the problem that the compact
version of Windows drive cannot be installed, and supports the whole series of
Windows, Mac, and Linux are operating system. 
(3) The processor uses the tamega2560 chip, and the 54 output meets the various
output interface. 
(4) Heatbed MOS tube adopts F8736 chip, the largest 18A current, no heating and ulfimaker, the same solution using the Wj500V type wiring terminal, which is larger, easier to connect and durable. 
(5) Tantalum capacitor filter collection temperature, anti-interference, more

Power input: 12V ~ 24V
Support motor drive number: 5
Support motor drive type:
A4988, DRV8825, LV8729, MS4998,
MS4989, TMC2100, TMC2208, TMC2130 and so on
Support control panel: LCD2004, LCD12864, LCD1602, touch color screen
Compile environment: Arduino IDE Firmware: Marlin
Screw hole size: 4 x 3.3mm
Size: 100mm x 100mm

1 Do not power on the motherboard wiring or replacement of each module except for (SD, USB)
2. Please note that the positive and negative wiring
3. Before the power, please check to determine the connection interface is correct, so as not to damage the motherboard
4. Do not touch the motherboard with wet hands
5. When an emergency occurs, please press the RESET reset button on the motherboard or disconnect the power 

Package Include:
1 x KFB 3 3D printer Motherboard

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 12V ~ 24V
Board Parameters
CPU atmega2560
OS Windows, mac and liunx
Ports USB
Physical Parameters
Size 100mm x 100mm
Screw Size 4 x 3.3mm

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